Wednesday, 25 December 2013

World Social Forum - Montreal, 2016

The International Committee has determined that Montreal will host the World
World Social Forum, Dakar, Senegal, 2011
Social Forum in 2016. This will be the first time a WSF has been hosted in a country of the Global North. Originally held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the first WSF outside Brazil was in Mumbai, India. Since then several forums have been held in Africa and other parts of the world. However this is the first time in the North andit represents distinct challenges. Montreal is a good choice: Quebec is the only part of North America where French is the official language. Its place as a cultural minority has lead to many social movements to defend its traditions. In 2011-2012 Montreal was the centre of a vast social movement that began with the Occupy movement, passed to a student movement for free tuition and now is witness to Idle No More. The tradition of social mobilization in view of a fundamental transformation of society, is nothing new to Quebec where Montreal is situated. here is a long history of movements to defend workers, democracy and social rights. The challenge will be to find ways to make sure those of the GLobal South are able to participate. It will be a costly business to bring people from Asia, Afria and Latin America to Montreal. Moreover, the visa requirements imposed by the Canadian government are very strict and difficult. Nevertheless, no one doubt the creativity and commitment of the organisers. It should be a formidable event. In the meantimes a Canada-wide social forum is now being organized lto bring together English, French and Aboriginal activists in 2014. The success of this event will be an important indicator for the planning of the forum in 2016.

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  1. Really informative! Actually the only information which I know about Dakar is from this web page here - . I learned the Dakar Rally is an annual rally raid organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation, but I still can't get why this guys are protesting?